Monday, March 13, 2017

Bowling Pin Shuffleboard

Bowling Pin Shuffleboard

Bowling Pin Shuffleboard has existed in Palm Creek for many years. Barb Stolz shares that Gina & James Johnson started the game when they were here. Barb has carried on the tradition since 1999 when she remembers begging pins fom a local alley. Well done Barb!

Bowling Pin Shuffleboard is played for money. It costs you $1.00 for the buy-in and quarters to pay the pot everytime you knock over the pin. Every Sunday at 1pm you can try your skill at the courts and maybe leave with a few extra dollars. Bowling Pin Shuffleboard is played like regular shuffleboard games except that you draw for a new court after your 1st game. If you were yellow in the 1st game you will be yellow again in the second. The winning team (either yellow or black) will split the money.

Getting ready for play this Sunday when the temperatures are 30C/ 86 F

Yep, that IS a real bowling pin!

Lovin' the hat Amos

I know, you did not knock it down Dave!

Bringing your own portable umbrella is a great idea!

Oh, oh, someone needs to feed the pot another quarter and subtract 10 points from their score

"Now this wayward disc that knocked down the pin is taken out of play and not counted, right?".....right!

Yes Norb, the guilty must pay the "kitty" and I doubt if that is your last quarter!!


That hat gets around for use on you hatless gamblers. Keep hydrated too!!

Marg dividing up the winnings for 12 gamblers as there were 12 members that drew yellow colors. (6 courts were in action)

Close game! And the notice the star by the Black rectangle at the top. That signifies a win for the Black team in the 1st game

Seeking shade. And alas, it was a tie and the monies are carried over to next week! See you then.

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